Kick-off October with Brio's Annual Beer Mile in the Old Sawmill District on Friday, October 7th at 6:00 pm! Enjoy some brews from Draught Works, run, jog, or walk the four laps individually or recruit some friends and see who can chug and run the fastest (non-alcoholic options available)!  

1st place finishers in the individual and 4x4 relay divisions will win prizes from Lululemon and Canyon River Golf Club

This is a family-friendly event, so bring your kiddos to participate in the Root Beer Float Dash!

For race details and to register visit:

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There are a few things I notice in this picture that may not be immediately apparent:

• my friend stobstar admiring my hops 🤪 - but for real, he’s been there for me!
• our sweet (and first ever) jojebar banner
• the security of my moosepacks fanny pack
• the community behind me that made boardmanito and I wanting to keep trucking along with this crazy race idea

New date for thelastbestride : Sunday, August 6, 2023.

📷: drew_silvers

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Goldy: Start / Finish Line Emcee

On time & on point.
Genuinely speaking with the people.
Dedicated to client appreciation.
Making memories for all onsite.

I believe the kids would say…

This awesome video was created by:
Thanks for all the work, see ya on the next gig!

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Even Bernard Lagat trusts his results with Competitive Timing! @lagat1500 is one of the most decorated distance runners of all time and one of the nicest guys: 5 time Olympian, has multiple American records, and ran the second fastest 1500m of all time. It was great seeing him support @robertsrunmt and the Play Like Robert Foundation this weekend!


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The @cirqueseries kicked off today at Brighton! If you’re a mountain runner put these on your calendar! Results per usual on our website ⏱

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Shot for thelastbestride

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Big races or small, we’ve got you covered! Pumped to have @bibrave’s number one ranked race @missoulamarathon back in person this year!



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Garrett Bloom crushing it. We’re proud of you! #competitivetiming ...

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The Last Best Ride 08/21/22 | This year instead of racing in thelastbestride I was one of the photographers/videographers, which was a welcoming change of pace. I shot the start line for both long (91 miles) and short (48 miles) courses and then the riders pedaling up the BRUTAL and RUGGED climb of Werner Peak. Such a killer day doing what I love where I love.

Mad props to this rad couple for hosting such a freaking electrifying event!

Part 1/2
*Stay tuned for video two, all content from Werner Peak drew_w_peterson

TLBR Sponsors:

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Always great when our team can race!

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cirqueseries vibez this far… ...

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Whitefish Lake Triathlon 08/14/22 | One of the most energetic events I have had the privilege of photographing. Between shooting stills with my camera and video with the drone, I was quite literally running around like a chicken with its head cut off.. & I LOVED IT. Snapping photos of each sport (swim, bike, run) there was truly never a dull moment.

Part 1/2

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