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At Competitive Timing we recognize there is no single timing system to cover the myriad of competitive events in the world. We bring together the best systems to accommodate your needs and keep us at the forefront of timing technology.


MyLaps BibTag


The MyLaps BibTag system is designed to minimize logistics and is extremely user friendly for participants. The tag is disposable, so simply distribute the bibs with integrated tags to the athletes.


MyLaps MultiSport tag

The MultiSports Tag is designed and optimized for triathlons and mud runs and works with the BibTag timing system. The MultiSports Tag provides the same outstanding accuracy and reliability as the BibTag in races.


MyLaps ProTag

The ProChip is attached to athlete’s ankle/wrist strap or bike in order to identify each participant and to record the exact time at which they pass the start, finish and intermediate time lines. Each ProChip sends out a unique signal.

Detection loops can be taped to the road,buried in snow or installed in the track at the start and finish line and intermediate time points. The loops work as the system´s antennas and pick up the ProChips signals.


MicroGate Photocells

Photocells offer a simple solution for single athletes crossing a start, intermediate or finish line with no timing chips, mats or cables. When anything breaks the beam, a time is recorded.


Finish Lynx

A linescan image with results accurate to 1/1000th of a second (or greater) is comprised of a series of incredibly thin individual pictures of the finish line (and whatever happens to be crossing it), placed one after another. As more and more vertical images are pieced together side-by-side inside FinishLynx, the picture begins to take shape.

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