Event App

MyLaps Event App or Sporthive Live Options

Offer your participants and spectators the best event experience with live tracking! Engage and support your athletes with in-app training plans. Use your own branding to maximize the visibility and reach of your sponsors.

On iOS the splash screen is your first impression. Add an inspiring picture of your event and include your event logo with title sponsors. The splash screen will be visible for 2 to 4 seconds and visible when users open the event app.

Increase sponsor visibility

Offer your event sponsors a digital platform to activate sponsorships. The EventApp offers a wide variety of options for prominent sponsor placement and social activations.


Allow friends and family to track real-time activities and progress of athletes during the race and increase the social reach of your event using LiveTracking. Additionally use LiveTracking to improve safety by monitoring the field of participants during the race.

In the MYLAPS EventApp all athletes can be tracked in real-time. There is nothing the athletes have to do extra in order for their fans to follow them. Simply start the race, enjoy the experience and the app will do the rest. Live tracking is available for all sports.

Leaderboards and Live Ranking

Follow all race leaders live via the EventApp Leaderboards.
The Leaderboards are available per race and per category.

New in the EventApp is LiveRanking. Next to the real-time insights on activities and progress of athletes during the race, you receive insights on their provisional race position. The ranking is based on the overall, gender and category classifications. Optionally one additional ranking can be created. This could, for example, be used for business team rankings.

LiveTracking branding

The average session time by a user of our event app varies between 12 to 16 minutes. The majority of that time users spend with the LiveTracking feature. Incorporate your sponsors to the LiveTracking screen and offer maximum visibility for your sponsors. Next to the general live tracking screen also the individual progress pages of the participants are branded.


Activate sponsorships in a social way, Selfies will help you achieve that goal. Minimum efforts, maximum engagement, exposure and excitement.

Training Plans

Optional training plans help you become more relevant for your participants months before race day.
Benefit from the additional engagement and exposure time. Training plans can be branded and are a great way to activate a sponsorship.

The Sporthive training plans have been downloaded and used over 300,000 times by runners from all over the world. The plans are designed based on scientific research, and in collaboration, with one of Europe’s leading universities in sport science.

Events We time that use the EventApp

Missoula Marathon
Rut Mountain Runs
Butte 100
Bozeman Marathon
Run To The Pub